About Us

Financial Advancement Network consists of FAN Club and FAN Workshops. 

FAN Clubs are groups of 5-20 people who commit to meeting on a regular basis to improve their money management habits, rectify troubled financial situations, and pursue their financial goals. Groups may be formed by those who share a place of employment, school, church or temple, an association, or a social service agency, etc.

FAN Clubs may be organized according to level, subject matter, purpose, or types of members.

  • Foundations: managing a checking and savings account, creating and using a spending plan, and using and establishing good credit
  • Advanced: personal financial planning, retirement planning, investing, risk management and insurance, and wills and estate planning
  • Thematic: investment, credit-building, entrepreneurship, and homeownership.

FAN Workshops are one-time, hour long workshops that can cover a variety of financial education topics. Professional speakers are available for any time of any day to provide these workshops, and will willingly travel to your location! For a full list of our workshop topics, please contact Kalie Wertz at the phone or email below.


Request a workshop or start a club by contacting FAN Coordinator Meagan Schaefer at 215-851-1847 or mschaefer@uac.org.


The Financial Advancement Network (FAN) is an initiative of the Urban Affairs Coalition that is supported by the Coalition's Community & Economic Development Department (CED). CED's mission is to bring capital to communities by building bridges between low- and moderate-income areas and mainstream financial institutions.