Speakers Bureau

The Urban Affairs Coalition  headquartered in Philadelphia, seeks to build wealth in urban communities.  One of the many methods of accomplishing this task is through financial education seminars and Financial Advancement Network (FAN) Clubs.  The Coalition depends on bank, credit union, financial advisors and other financial professionals to serve as partners and facilitators for our financial programs. 

The Speakers’ Bureau began in 2005 in the Community and Economic Development Department of the Coalition.  It exists to inform individuals about the importance of taking control of their financial lives.  Each member of the bureau has agreed to facilitate sessions without advertising products of seeking to obtain clients.  The members also agree to follow protocol and standards for teaching financial education for the Urban Affairs Coalition.  The financial topics range from basic money management to estate planning.
Now in 2017, the Speakers' Bureau hosts over 35 financial professionals, who volunteer their time within the community to provide accurate and unbiased financial information.
For more information or to join the Speakers’ Bureau, submit the inqury form below or contact FAN Coordinator Meagan Schaefer at 215-851-1847 or mschaefer@uac.org.